Innovative Services Engineering

Going Beyond Software Development.

We think it means going beyond software development and broadening the scope to include every key element of the business model - from signup to customer support. We don't just invent services, we deploy and operate them as well. The best and by far the biggest example of a services engineering company is Google. So, if you will, think of us as a Google-like company - just a more specialized one.

Inspiration Through Implementation.

It's highly enlightening and inspiring to reduce ideas to actual practice, which is why at the earliest possible moment we get practical and test our technology and assumptions. Great theories and detailed operational manuals mean nothing to consumers using online services - as consumers like you just want something to work and work well. Fortunately, we don't have to go through months of bureaucracy or procurement to start making things real.

Convenience. A Powerful Influence on Consumer Behaviour.

Give consumers a choice in how to get something done and they will almost universally choose the more convenient method, even if it's a bit more expensive. At ServicePoint, our mission is to innovate, build and deliver more convenient ways to get basic things done.

We are not inventors on the bleeding edge, rather, service innovators on the leading edge - usually first to introduce logical improvements that are simply more convenient and less costly.

Diverse Industries, Common Approach.

When you look at our services you may think they're all over the map. Think about it from a market need perspective. We look for service opportunities where:

  • people are doing tasks that can be automated (like moving paper, forms and information around);
  • the value proposition and pricing are well known by consumers;
  • the solution is non-trivial and has numerous barriers to entry (it involves considerable development and integration of many steps and processes);
  • the consumer prefers self-service (meaning they don't want to have to call someone or be the subject of a sales pitch by anyone).